There’s new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince material to gaze at, located Down Under. The Australian Today Show got their hands on what looks to be a promo EPK for the new movie, and it seems to have new footage (at least it’s new to me) mixed in with a lot of the same stuff we’ve seen again and again.

The early test screening reports – that the film has cut out the emotional climax at the end of the film – leave me nervous, but I am aware that test screenings are just that. Sometimes filmmakers will show versions of the film they don’t even like, just to see how much they can get away with cutting in order to keep the film moving, or short. So it’s possible that the ending of the book remains in the movie after all. And they’ve certainly had plenty of time to go back and fix the ending, should it have been removed, as Warner Bros moved the film to this summer from its original Twilight-busting berth.

I like the footage on display here; Yates’ Order of the Phoenix was not my favorite Potter – it felt too truncated – but he’s a good director and he seems to get the material. I personally can’t wait for this sucker to start screening.

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