There is no film genre tougher to crack than the big budget action FX spectacle comedy. In my opinion, only Ghostbusters has made that particular genre actually, completely work. And I think it may take a film like Ghostbusters - a perfect film, an utter classic – to actually do it.

Which is why there’s been some trepidation about Land of the Lost. Having been on set, having spoken to the people involved, having seen a bunch of stuff from the movie, I can say that everybody’s hearts are in the right places and they’re doing their best to make this a great movie – hell, they hired Danny McBride, surely a step in the right direction – but will that be enough?

We’ll see soon enough. In the meantime, here’s a new clip from the film, where Will Ferrell writes the Land of the Lost theme song. It’s funny, and it’s character based, and it has CGI elements, and it pretty much works. Let’s just hope this isn’t the best stuff Universal has to show.

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