The most disappointing rumor of the last few weeks has been confirmed by Jon Favreau: Emily Blunt is definitely out of Iron Man 2. Someone was braved the E! Oscars show wrote this in to The Playlist:

“On E!’s post show at the red carpet of some party, Jon Favreau said that Fox exercised its [“Gulliver’s Travellers”] option on Emily Blunt, and that she definitely won’t be in ‘Iron Man 2.’ The reporter was chatting with Favreau and asking about what he can tell them about ‘IM2.’ He said Mickey Rourke isn’t officially cast but that he is a fan.”

That’s a huge bummer, and it only continues the impression that Iron Man 2 is a troubled production. Terrence Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Emily Blunt and possibly Mickey Rourke – all out. Blunt seems to be a function of bad timing, but the others all sound like side effects of Marvel’s attempts to make these movies a little bit cheaper. I actually am with them on that, and I think a smart actor would jump at the chance for a multiple picture paycheck on a movie that you think has a chance at being good as opposed to having the career of Samuel L. ‘Just meet my quote, I don’t need to see a script’ Jackson.