As expected, it turned out that the Ghost Spy site wasn’t for Ghostbusters 3 but actually some fucking car commercial. I hope whoever passed that off to the online movie community as a movie site has a marked worsening of the syphilis they already have.

But there will be Ghostbusters 3 viral sites soon enough, Dan Aykroyd assures us. He tells the Boston Globe that the film is going into production late this fall. I wonder if he’s being generous, though, since he says that the script is ‘commenced’ this summer; I for one wouldn’t mind seeing the writers being given more than a couple of months to really nail this movie. Going into shooting with a draft that they’re still tinkering with won’t raise my already low expectations for this film.

Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the co-executive producers of The Office, will be writing the script. This was announced in September, so I’m not sure why scripting ‘commences’ this summer. What the hell have these guys been doing, working on a hit TV show or some shit?

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