Turn on your Xbox 360 today, and right away you’ll see a special announcement from Capcom. Resident Evil 5‘s charming Jun Takeuchi is there to give a long drawn-out intro about a new game that fans have been eagerly waiting for, but instead of it being a new Strider or Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (I can’t be the only one, right?), it’s actually Lost Planet 2.

The biggest difference this time? It’s set in a jungle. It appears that global warming has affected the planet, melting all the snow and uncovering new places for you to fight the giant alien insect creature things.

The new setting definitely gives it a unique feel, and the trailer shows off all kinds of giant monsters (and mechs fighting them) crawling around the place. It’s also absolutely gorgeous… they’re using a new engine for this one, and it’s immediately apparent. Don’t expect to see the game hitting anytime soon, they take care to mention that we might not hear anything more about the game for quite a while.

The original Lost Planet was a ton of fun, so let’s hope this one continues the tradition… possibly with a little less of the goofy story. It’s nice to see them change up the environment and it definitely looks fantastic- boot up your Xboxes when you get home to check out the trailer for yourself.