Rian Johnson is not only programming a really fun film festival at LA’s New Beverly Cinema, he’s doing some good while he’s at it. And you can still be a part of it, even if you live outside of LA.

Rian has donated an ultra rare painted Brick poster that was used to advertise the film at Sundance. How rare is this canvass edition? Only people who worked on the movie have one. That’s right – you can’t buy this painting anywhere. The only other way to get this painting is to break into Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s house and steal his. That’s how rare it is.

But you can become the proud owner of this amazing historic movie collectible AND you can help out the good people at AIDS Project Los Angeles by placing a bid on the painting at this eBay auction. AIDS Project Los Angeles does a ton of good work with and for people with AIDS, including helping them get medical care, improving their quality of life, helping them find and maintain safe and secure housing and more.

Place a bid now. This is an exciting opportunity for you as a film lover to own a unique collectible and a beautiful piece of art, and to make someone else’s life just a little bit better.

And if you’re in LA, come out tonight for the double feature of House of Games and The Spanish Prisoner. Rian will be there in person introducing both films!

Click here for the auction.