Just as I was starting to watch the Funny People trailer, the Playlist IMed to point out a few lines of an interview that ran on NPR yesterday. The interview subject is production designer J. Michael Riva, who mentions a bit about Iron Man 2.

Eight weeks before shooting began* on Iron Man 2, J. Michael Riva had just gotten the first real script. But
he did have a list of sets and plot points. The first item on the list
read: “Tony, in the Iron Man armor, pukes in a toilet.”

The natural thing that comes to mind, given Tony Stark’s battles with alcohol, is that this is a booze-fueled flush. But could it just be the result of turbulence hitting Stark while he’s flying around? You’d think he’d have his sea air legs by the time we get to the second movie, but who knows? I’m hoping it’s a booze-puke, as that would imply the script is going in the direction a lot of us are hoping for.

This is the sort of thing that I’d brush off as bullshit from some other sources, but NPR is, you know, above board. And the audio clip is right there to hear. Listen to the entire audio clip at NPR if you have time. It’s a good mini-profile of Riva.

* The website mis-transcribes ‘began’, which is in Susan Stamberg’s audio narration as ‘begins’.