Zack Snyder isn’t who you think he is. He’s not the slomo-loving frat boy. He’s not the guy making Watchmen into a dumb action movie. He’s not the guy caught up in the surface aspects of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel, missing everything else underneath.

Zack Snyder is the guy who did what I thought was totally impossible: he made Watchmen into a movie that is remarkably faithful to the book – in tone, theme, character and incident – while also making it his own movie. The only people who could question whether or not Snyder ‘got’ the material are the people who haven’t seen the movie, a movie that is an awe-inspiring achievement that will forever change the way people look at Zack Snyder and his films. The idea that he’s just a guy who does speed ramping is blown away forever; the thought that the ‘visionary’ tag Warner Bros is using on all their advertising is hyperbole disappears.

I sat down with Zack this morning. This is what we talked about. There are spoilers for those who have not read the book.

Zack Snyder Interview from devincf on Vimeo.