A trailer has to do a lot of things: it has to give you an idea what a movie is about, what the tone is and then it also has to make you want to see it. The trailer for Funny People more or less does that. I suspect there are funnier jokes to showcase, and that the film will have less schmaltzy music (and I know for a fact that it’s going to be raunchier than the new trailer indicates), but this trailer lets people know that Judd Apatow is getting a little more serious this time.

A little. Don’t get too worried about the film not being funny; the script – even without all of the ad libbing for which the Apatow team is famous – is hilarious. And from what I’m seeing here (and granted, it’s just a taste), it looks like Apatow has melded the comedy and drama as well in the film as he did in the script.

Of special note: this film actually looks really nice. That’s what happens when you get Janusz Kaminski to be your cinematographer, though. Of special bad note: why is Aziz Ansari not in this trailer? The guy is going to be murderously funny in this movie.

Click here to watch the Funny People trailer.