Though it’s just getting started, the marketing for Inglourious Basterds continues to avoid a major chunk of the film, focusing instead on the much easier sell: violence. Three new international posters for the film (and one bland teaser) have debuted online, and they all point towards the ‘kill ze German!’ sentiment seen in the trailer.

I like the one excerpted above, as the scrawled title on the rifle stock is taken pretty much directly from Tarantino’s handwritten script title page. That’s a nice touch. Of the three posters, it’s also the one that looks least like it is selling a Saw or Hostel movie. But considering that we could have been faced with a bunch of posters featuring Brad Pitt’s floating head, I’ll take them.

(The trail of exclusivity on the posters is a little erratic — AICN and IGN both claim one as exclusives, while Empire claims all three. Just go see ‘em all at Empire, yes?)