With the Comedian and Watchmen under his belt, Jeffrey Dean Morgan may stick with comics for his next move. According to THR, he’s negotiating to join the Joel Silver-produced adaptation of The Losers for Warner Brothers. The comic was called a loose reimagining of DC’s original Losers; sort of the Vertigo Inglourious Basterds to DC’s original Ingrlorious Bastards.

Wikipedia tells me the plot goes like this: Originally a Special Forces team seconded to the C.I.A. in the 90s, the
Losers were betrayed by their handler, Max, and left for dead following
the conclusion of their operation. Eager for revenge and the
opportunity to remove their names from a secret CIA death list, the
Losers regroup and conduct covert operations against the CIA and its
interests, uncovering startling operations spearheaded by the enigmatic
Max, whose influence within the CIA and US Government is unparalleled.

Morgan would sign as Clay, the leader of the team. Directing is Sylvain White — you know the name because he’s been attached to Castlevania for some time. But he apprenticed under Michael Gondry and Spike Jonze at Propaganda Films, so there’s that.