While he’s killing time before the surely inevitable Big Momma’s House 3, Wild Hogs 2, Bad Boys 3 (waiting on that one myself, actually) or What’s the Worst That Could Happen This Time?, Martin Lawrence is looking to possibly produce and star in Back To Africa.  Variety has the story that Lawrence’s Rundeldat Entertainment, along with Alcon Entertainment, are working a deal that would have Lawrence starring as a blue collar guy who finds out he’s the heir to the throne of an African country and goes back to the motherland to claim his title.

So an obvious pitch line would be that this is either King Ralph meets Coming To America, or possibly Princess Diaries meets Hotel Rwanda.  Either way, I’d love it if it were more You So Crazy than College Road Trip.  Lawrence is a personality that is at his best when he’s at his baddest and we haven’t had any of that since Bad Boys 2.  Alas this will probably be another family friendly offering, which Lawrence seems to have bought property in and doesn’t look to be selling anytime soon.