I’m at the historic Beverly Hilton right now for the Watchmen junket. While my one on one interview with Zack Snyder isn’t until Friday, I ran into him in the halls of the hotel and talked about a little reference I caught in his movie.

There are potential spoilers ahead, especially if you haven’t read the comic. Be warned.

Some fans have been up in arms that Zack Snyder changed elements of the end of the story, specifically removing a giant alien squid from the climax (told you it was a spoiler if you hadn’t read it). More reasonable fans understand that a giant alien squid wouldn’t quite work in the movie.

But eagle eyed moviegoers will realize that Zack DID keep the squid. Just maybe not in the way you might expect.

In the film Adrian Veidt and Dr. Manhattan are working together on a project that will replicate Manhattan’s energy, providing free and unlimited power to the world. That project? SQUID, the logo for which is briefly visible.

“I’m glad you caught that,” Zack said when I  complimented him on getting the squid in the movie. And what does SQUID stand for? “Sub QUantum Intrinsic Device.”

As for how that SQUID plays into the larger film… You’ll have to wait until March 6th to find out.