When Adam McKay and Will Ferrell first announced Funny or Die, I didn’t think the site had a future. We already had YouTube, after all! It felt like a vanity project. Man, when I am wrong I go all in, huh? Funny or Die has become a huge entity in the comedy world, and it’s home to some amazingly hilarious stuff. I’ve become a huge fan.

The latest video on Funny or Die is not always laugh out loud funny, but that’s because it’s so on the nose and true. It’s a commentary on the economic crisis in the form of a parody of The Wrestler, about a down and out Uncle Sam trying to come back. The Uncler is pretty notable for really nailing The Wrestler. And also, if I’m not mistaken, for shooting its bar scenes at my local watering hole in Studio City.

The Uncler w/ Uncle Sam and Alyssa Milano from Alyssa Milano