The Thing is my favorite movie. I like it even more than Mickey Blue Eyes. It seems that every few years a little steam gathers about a remake or a sequel or a prequel or a musical or a puppet show to John Carpenter’s pitch perfect remake of Christian Nyby’s adaptation of John Campbell’s story Who Goes There? [which was based on an ancient pre-cambrian squirrell’s tone poem ‘Chirp Chirp Squark”].

One of those sequel ideas made it all the way to deep in the development process before the current one in development at Universal, one destined for the Sci-fi Channel.

The charming and alluring Patrick Sauriol at the newly re-risen Corona’s Coming Attractions site has read the damn thing and it sounds pretty damn good. Here’s a tease:

It’s a shame because I’ve read Johnson’s sequel, titled Return of the Thing, and it had potential to be a good follow-up to Carpenter’s movie.

It’s a good read, plus Patrick is a member of the old guard. A dead breed to be sure. My next Steady Leak will be coming later in the week and touch on just how dead that guard is. In the meantime…