All of a sudden the hot new idea is to take Jane Austen and pair her up with some kind of genre. To that end we have two competing Pride and Prejudiced based projects working their way through various stages of pre-production. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is based on an upcoming book of the same name*, which has Mr. Darcy, Lizzie Bennett and the rest of Austen’s cast battling flesh eating undead.

The other project is Pride and Predator, which is being produced by Elton John, believe it or not. This one takes Pride and Prejudice and drops a bloodthirsty alien invader into the mix. And possibly a visit from a Fox lawyer while they’re at it. Unless Fox is in on it? The information seems to be murky on that front.

I say Hollywood should embrace this new concept. How about a Jane Austen-ized remake of the Lee Frost classic The Thing With Two Heads: Lizzie Bennett is an African American woman (Pride) while Mr. Darcy is a hateful white racist (Prejudice). When they end up with their heads grafted onto one body, true love follows.

* boy is the zombie thing ever over, huh?