I’m not going to bore you with my complaints about a Time Magazine blog shitting all over a fairly cut and dried embargo regarding reviews of Watchmen*. I’ll just reprint some of the review and link you to the rest of it. I’m sure there are lots of other people who were at that screening who would love to gush about this movie, but they still honor the embargo upon which they agreed beforehand.

Sitting in that screening room and watching the visual world of the Watchmen movie unfold was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had.  Not film experiences.  Just EXPERIENCES.  I
don’t think I realized how close I was to the original book until I saw
such a loving, detail-rich, almost obsessive recreation of that
universe.  It had my heart pounding and head swimming.  I barely slept that night.  Someone took the most special personal thing of my adolescence and put it on a movie screen.  That doesn’t happen every day.

What will people who’ve never read Watchmen even think of this film?  What will it be like for them to sit through these crazy, violent, colorful three hours and not recognize almost every line – almost every image?  Will they be utterly baffled, bored, or totally love it?  Is Watchmen even a good or bad movie?  I have no idea.  I
stand powerless before the Gods I once worshiped in my attic bedroom,
now moving and talking and fighting and loving on a giant screen.  And I find myself unable to judge them. 

Read the entire review here.

* make no mistake – this is a review. And make no mistake, despite what reviewer and Simpsons executive producer Matt Selman says, he’s a journalist in this case. He’s blogging on the Time Magazine website in a Time Magazine sanctioned blog, for the love of God. I’m going to guess that he’s probably drawing a dime or two for his work. This is sheer bullshit, and I hope that the next time some studio flack talks about how online breaks embargo, they remember that it was Time fucking Magazine that did it. And let it be noted that I have no problem with the embargo and with Warner Bros enforcing it; I have a problem with certain elements in the media believing that they’re above it all.