Wow things have been really crazy for me lately. In the past several months I managed to get my production company off the ground, shoot a short film, and have a film shown at The Cannes Film Festival. It’s amazing how busy that stuff can make an individual.

Some how I managed to let this slip to the side, but I didn’t forget. How can I let so much writers gold pass by with the release of Wolverine twice (internet and theatrical) and the bright future of Star Trek.

I’m back though and with several summer movies come and gone how about the ones that are still to come? I know my list consists of both big and small movies. Some great things are coming and don’t let some of them slip through the cracks. Here is my list of must see summer movies(click on name for trailer):

Terminator Salvation
The Girlfriend Experience
The Brothers Bloom
The Hangover
Downloading Nancy
Away We Go
The Taking of Pelham 123
The Proposal
Year One
Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen
The Hurt Locker
Public Enemies
Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
Funny People
District 9
Taking Woodstock
The Time Traveler’s Wife (no trailer yet)
500 Days of Summer
Inglorious Basterds
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

That’s my perfect combination of fun and depth for this summer. Let me know if I missed anything that looks promising or share your list.