The Edgar Wright photoblog has been kind of a fascinating series of teases, and this one – a picture of Scott Pilgrim star Michael Cera holding a Scott Pilgrim illustration by creator Bryan Lee O’Malley – continues the trend. It’s sort of our first look at Cera as Scott, albeit just the top part of his head.

But it’s never been Cera’s look that people have questioned; rather it’s been the impression that Cera’s persona is more low-key than Scott, who can get pretty exciteable. Last week I interviewed O’Malley, the guy who knows Scott better than any of us, and who has more info about the movie than any of us do, and asked him about Cera as Scott.

“I’m pretty sure he can do it,” he laughed. “People have really different ideas of what Scott is like. A lot of
people see Scott as being really, really cool and really handsome…
and I don’t know about that. There was a good quote on the CHUD
forum the other day where somebody was taking these people to task. He
said, ‘Scott is a guy who cries when his roommate saves over his Final
Fantasy game – you don’t think his voice cracks from time to time?’

“Me and Edgar and Michael [Bacall] the writer, we don’t see Scott as being a
hero-like idol. We don’t see him as Zac Efron or whatever. Nobody ever
suggested anybody else to play Scott. I think Michael Cera is going to
do a fucking awesome job.”

Look for the rest of that interview later on today. O’Malley addresses whether or not Volume 6 will be out before the movie, how the film has affected the way he approaches the book and lots more goodness.