In an untimely but nonetheless exciting blog, Tim Schafer’s Double Fine development house announced the release of the Psychonauts score and soundtrack albums, available through a bevy of online music retailers:

While this news won’t tide anybody over until the (hopefully*) upcoming release of Double Fine’s Brütal Legend, it’s great news for Schafer fans, since Peter McConnell’s score was such an important part of Psychonauts’ fabric.  McConnell also crafted scores for Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and every other good LucasArts game.

If you haven’t played Psychonauts, you’re missing out on the best platformer of the last console generation.  If you own a 360, you can download it for chump change as part of the growing list of Xbox Originals. 

*After Activsion merged with Vivendi and became ActiBlizzard, it ditched the Brütal Legend property.  When EA picked up the game in December, ActiBlizzard reclaimed ownership rights, setting itself up for yet another do-nothing payday.  We’ve heard this story before.

ActiBlizzard?  As far as lame corporate portmanteaus go, BlizzardVision might have been more accurate.