The Descent: Part 2 begins where the first film ended, with the lone surviving heroine barely escaping death and taking revenge on “the bitch” member of their expedition into some caves.

If you watch this new trailer found on Bloody Disgusting, you may feel like you’ve seen this type of horror sequel before and if you’ve seen The Descent, you might feel like you’ve seen this movie before.

So the locals appear to be gettin’ themselves a rescue mission for dem po’ girls that dun got trapped in the caves. That’s cool but I’m sure I’ve seen the “make the only survivor from film number one relive the first movie because she’s so fucked up in the head from what happened that her story is not credible” sequel. A better story would have been if they made the chick from the first film go live with a foster family who didn’t believe her story about cave monsters. Little do they all know that something from her past followed her to her new home and lives…in the closet.

D2: Still Cavin’ it is expected to hit theaters sometime this year.