Yeah, that was exactly what I expected. Sigh.

If you’ve ever seen the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, you might have been optimistically hoping Tony Scott’s remake would contain some of the same slow charge, the relentless thriller burn that built to a really satisfying finale. Instead we get chuckling, tattooed Travolta and Denzel Washington at sea in an ocean of desks. Going off this clip, the best I can hope for is that Denzel and Travolta will deliver a feature-long interpretation of the conversations between John McClane and Al Powell.

But I don’t expect even that. Chuckle away, Mr. Travolta. Chuckle away.

At least the movie might be good for people watching before it’s all tunnels and subway stoplights. Check out all those folks ogling Travolta in the frame above.

Experience the emptiness at Yahoo Movies. The trailer will be in theaters this weekend with Angels & Demons in front of The International, making a trio of movies that all deserve one another.