It’s refreshing to know that while past generations have had such diverse material from the likes of Homer, Shakespeare, the Brontes, London, Poe, Agatha Christie et al, the current generation gets all its best diverse material from the likes of Shakespeare, the Brontes, London, Poe, Christie, et al.  Reboots, remakes and reimaginings are still the idea du jour as evidenced by Dimension Films’ plans to adapt Christie’s And Then There Were None, which is probably better known here in the U.S. as Ten Little Indians (and by another title that probably wouldn’t play too well today, NSFC*), which has had no less than seven direct or indirect adaptations on film since 1945. 

Of course this being the XBOX and texting generation, the film is set to be adapted to involve a teen social networking site, but beyond that, the details are hush hush.  Variety has it that T.S. Faull (Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story) will be adapting the screenplay based on an idea from Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect), who will produce with Robert Green (Spaced – The American Ripoff That Thankfully Went Nowhere Version).  Bob Weinstein weighed in on the prospect by saying “Online social networking is a widespread phenomenon that interests me greatly….Combining it with a suspense thriller is a new and fresh way to explore this new trend.”  No word yet on a director.  However, considering the subject matter, expect the announcement and probably a good deal of the marketing to show up on MySpace at some point.

* Not safe for Compton