This is a LOT more like it.

The teaser trailer for Inglourious Basterds looks a hell of a lot better when presented free of all that Entertainment Tonight cutting and voice-over. “Once Upon A Time In Nazi-Occupied France,” indeed. I’m not in love with the cinematography on display (and I still don’t like Pitt’s delivery of that final scalps line) but I can live with that for now, because this looks a lot like the WWII movie I’ve hoped Quentin Tarantino would make. It’s been a long time coming.

If nothing else, the teaser is notable for making me excited to see Eli Roth on screen — that shot with the baseball bat is killer. And I love that the whole Cinema Paradiso plotline isn’t even hinted at. There’s plenty of surprise left in this one.

The teaser is available in full Quicktime HD at Yahoo Movies.