CHUD’s readership is unusually broad and open to seeing just about anything, but even that being the case, I feel like a lot of you just don’t give a shit about Woody Allen movies. And that being the case, I wonder if anything will change as news filters out regarding his next film, which will feature Anthony Hopkins and Josh Brolin.

Note that says ‘feature’, not ‘star’, because in typical Allen fashion we don’t know anything about the movie at this stage. No title, no plot, just those two names mentioned as part of an ensemble cast. The film will shoot in London, so Whatever Works, Allen’s just-completed return to New York city, doesn’t mark the beginning of a new extended run in his hometown.

Brolin has worked with Allen before (he had a part in Melinda and Melinda, an OK movie which I feel like nobody saw) but his profile is a lot higher now than it was when that movie was shot in 2004, so it’s safe to expect he’ll play a bigger part this time. And Hopkins and Allen have never worked together at all, which makes this even more intriguing. Now the question: drama or comedy? The cast points to a suspense drama, but I’d sorta like to see Allen turn out a comedy with these two guys.