Recently I’ve been trying to find the Toys R Us exclusive Screaming Kirk from Wrath of Khan figure; yes, it’s a toy of Kirk screaming Khan while trapped below the surface of Regula I, a moment that has come to live in ironic posterity. I say this only to explain that while I am generally not a toy buyer, a strange or interesting or funny or downright cool one can change my mind.

This will likely not be happening with the Star Trek rebootquel movie toys that are coming out. Aint It Cool has linked to a Flickr photo stream that has pictures of some of the toys from that movie. Of most ‘news’ like interest are the images of the new designs of phasers, tricorders and communicators, all of which I’m okay with. Of less ‘news’ like interest is the Kirk toy that appears to have pinhead, and the Enterprise toy that has a new angle on the ship that confirms to me that the design is awful. The ship appears to be anorexic.

I also remain annoyed that Dr. McCoy is a cadet in this film, as proven by the packaging on the ‘Cadet McCoy’ figure. He’s older than the rest of the cast and not only was he not on the Enterprise under Captain Pike, he wasn’t even originally on the Enterprise under Kirk, as readers of the Star Trekkin’ series know*. I know that the time traveling Romulans muck with the timeline, making the whole movie out of continuity, but I just feel like it doesn’t make simple sense to have McCoy as a cadet alongside Kirk.

For the rest of the toy images, click here.

* and I swear to God there’s another one coming. A catastrophic computer crash cost me Star Trekkin’ 17: The Galileo Seven last night, but I will rebuild.