PSM3 describes EA’s forthcoming Dante’s Inferno with the following pitch, which they’ve plastered all over the cover of their latest issue:

Dead Space meets God of War in Hell.

It looks like the God of War similarities extend beyond the superficial:

“Button-for-button the controls are
identical to GOW’s – from using the right stick to evade, to regular
and heavy attacks being mapped to Square and Triangle.”

Other items raided from the GOW template include health and magic orb drops, as well as combo strings and [Author’s Audible Groan] quicktime events.  Another very notable line from the article mentions “lava spewing from inverted crosses.”  Abandon all hope ye who read that line without laughing.  What’s not clear from the article is how Dante resembles Dead Space, other than the obvious horror setting.

As long as I can stab at shit with a giant cross, I’m totally there!