The fine rotten individuals over at Shock Till You Drop got their hands on an exclusive poster for Last House on The Left, and the first thing it brings to mind is- why can no one figure out how to do this? It’s a fairly boring and bland poster that could be for anything. And whose idea was it to center the house? Good job there, guy.

But perhaps the silliest part of the whole thing is the wordy tagline-

How’s that for a moral conundrum? I’m so glad they specified that BAD PEOPLE were hurting your loved ones- because it’d be completely different if it were GOOD PEOPLE, or INDIFFERENT PEOPLE, or GUYS WITH SILLY JEW FROS THAT LIKE TO SING FOLK MUSIC.

Check STYD for the full thing.

For the record, I thought the Last House trailer showed promise, even if I have very little faith that the final film will hold up. But I’d love to be wrong- it’s just such a brutal revenge story that works best when you’re put in the main character’s shoes.