A couple of months back it was announced that Aint It Cool News’ own Eric Vespe (aka Quint) was hitting the big leagues: a movie he wrote, called Home, is getting made and will have FX by none other than the geniuses at WETA. Home is
about a young guy who, after an accident, finds himself in a secluded
nursing home. At first he thinks that the claims made by terrrified
older residents are signs of senile dementia, but he soon comes to
learn that something truly horrifying is haunting the facility. Now there’s a whole heaping helping of new news about the project, thanks to an email update from Eric himself.

The biggest news is probably that Franck Ribiere and Verane Frediani of La Fabrique de Film have come on as producers. You know these guys as the producers behind Inside, one of the most seriously brutal films to be made since… well, ever. Also coming on board as producer (and producer only, Quint stresses) is Elijah Wood. Now I know what Eric and Elijah were chatting about so intently at the pre-Butt Numb A Thon party in December!

Pre-production starts next month and Eric and his buddy and Home‘s director (and exceptionally terrific fellow) Kristoffer Aaron Morgan look to shoot in May. In New Zealand. And now that Eric is also on board as Executive Producer, I know he can wrangle a totally excellent set visit for this one. Right, pal?

The image with this article is from Bloody Disgusting; it’s a piece of concept art by WETA. Click here to see the full image.