Shit like this drives me absolutely batshit.

using religion as a get rich scheme, and in ways so transparent it only
makes the folks who pony up look more sheep-like. In fact, it doesn’t
do much for the “Christianity isn’t a Pyramid Scheme” paradigm.

couple of guys have created “custom” t-shirts declaring the
Christianity of the wearer. There’s a branding to it and they are
individually numbered 1 – 1,000,000. They are selling these shirts to
Christians, starting at $20 a pop!

You figure… if they sell a million, that’s $20,000,000 dollars for them!

here’s the silver lining… they’re donating 30% of the proceeds to
Christian missions. Which means only $14,000,000 for them! So, let’s
subtract the cost of making the shirts and the marketing aspect of the

Maybe they only have to split $7,000,000. Life’s tough.

Here’s the most simple way I can put it:

If you love your God and have faith in your faith, WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

anyone is going to be swayed because you’re wearing a shirt or because
you have a fish on the back of your car, then they are absolutely dumb
and not worth having in your group.

if you are going to look for folks in public widely publicizing their
religion so hardcore that they’re wearing a damn I.D. shirt then you
need to piss the hell away and steer clear of me because I have some
minor but vital sinning to do and I don’t need the grief.

If you buy one of these shirts you are dumb.