Some time ago I told you that Edgar Wright would be running one photo a day for the rest of the year in his MySpace blog, and that I expected many of these photos to be sneak peeks at his upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie. We’ve seen Edgar at various Toronto locations that are used in the book (and, I’m assuming, the movie), but now he’s gone one better: he’s given us Ramona Flowers.

Well, sort of. That’s Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who is playing Ramona Flowers in the movie, doing that ‘Kilroy Was Here’ top half of the face thing Edgar’s been doing in many of his photos. And what a top half of a face. Those expressive eyes! And the hair. She also appears to be wearing a private school jacket (I’m too tired to look this up in my Scott Pilgrim books, but does Ramona ever wear a private school jacket like that? I could imagine it, but I’m feeling like that would be a Knives Chau look. Of course maybe that’s just what Winstead was wearing when the photo was taken!).

Keep an eye on Edgar’s blog. Even when he’s not revealing Scott Pilgrim secrets it’s a great read and has cool photos – every single day! Click here to visit his MySpace page.