Today is the 6th of the month, which means a new Watchmen video journal, but it’s also the last 6th before the film opens, and consequently the last journal. Fittingly, the subject is Rorschach. Not only who the character is and how Jackie Earle Haley approached him, but how effects brought his mask into ‘reality’.

The FX that go into the mask look wonderful; of course something that looks fairly simple onscreen turns out to be a particularly complex process behind the scenes. I do wonder about the wisdom of shooting scenes with eye holes cut out for Haley’s eyes. Obviously, allowing the actor to see is a great thing, but allowing other actors to see Rorschach’s face is going to raise a fuss. Part of acting in this movie, then is pretending that you can’t see Rorschach’s eyes.

Empire has the clip.