It might get a little redundant if one were to update you every time Rob Zombie hired somebody to play one of the many kooky characters that will be in his next movie, Halloween 2. If it isn’t some washed up b-movie actor getting a bit part as a janitor or gas station attendant, it’s the fucking Geico caveman earning his spot in the film as a bouncer.

Call me when there is some real casting news.

Ring, ring.

Who is it?

Howard Hesseman in your motherfuckin’ dome, bitch!

According to Rob Zombie’s MySpace page, class is back in session on the set of Halloween 2 because the head of said class has been cast as Uncle Meat, proprietor of Uncle Meat’s Java Hole. I don’t know how I could say it any clearer than that. But please, heed this one simple warning. When you go tell your buddy about how you read the latest Halloween 2 casting news on Chud, don’t set it up by saying something along the lines of, “Dude, guess which Head of the Class vet just got a role in H2,” because they’ll just be disappointed when it’s not the guy that played Arvid. I know I was.

Then again, I head that Platinum Dunes is still trying to find the next Robert Englund for their Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Could Billy Bob be out and Arvid be in?

“You are all my children now!”

Halloween 2 is set to begin filming at the end of this month.