I’m sure by now most web savy people have seen the Onion news report of Trekkie’s being upset that the new Star Trek is too good and is upset about it.  Well this would be funny if it wasn’t to far from the truth.  Since it’s release on Friday I have heard many a Trekkie complaining about the changes in the new Trek and are disappointed in the new direction of the franchise.

I for one am very happy with the new film but was never really a Trekkie.  I always would have preferred a good ole lightsaber to a Vulcan Neck Pinch.  I thought JJ Abrams did a great job by giving Star Trek a much more lived in universe that Star Wars always seemed to have the advantage of.  Everything on the old Trek seemed to . . . clean.  The ships on Star Wars looked like people had flown in them before and there were scratches and dents.  On Trek everything always looked like it was right out of the box.  And most of the alien lifeforms were humanoid in nature.  In the new film we see different aspects of the ship.  Parts of it that are definitely dirty and used.  And the aliens now come in different sizes, colors, and shapes.  Abrams really gave you the feel of the depth of space.  It seemed foreboding and scary. 

Sure it has it’s issues but this made me actually really interested in watching Star Trek again and I have only really seen a few episodes of Next Generation.  I liked the characters and finally in my mind James T. Kirk was really a hero.  I mean who doesn’t love William Shatner?  But here we see a Kirk that can really back up what he’s saying.  Zachary Quinto did a great job as a younger Spock and played him well.  It of course was great to see Lenord Nimoy come back as the older Spock. 

I guess I just don’t understand some of the nerd outrage on this.  And I can say nerd outrage because I’m a nerd as well but just not in the Trekkie sense.  But they made the space battles more enjoyable, the characters a little deeper, and the world just more enjoyable.  So why the outrage?  Some just don’t accept change I guess.  But for me from this point forward consider me a Trekkie.