Man, Subway sucks. Why couldn’t the Land of the Lost trailer debut on the site of a sandwich shop I like, such as Quiznos or Togo’s? Of course the real question is ‘why the hell is the Land of the Lost trailer debuting on a sandwich site anyway?’

Whatever the reason, click here to see it. The trailer’s okay – a lot of the stuff you’ve already seen in the Superbowl commercial, and I would have liked less Matt Lauer and more dinosaurs, frankly. I’m looking forward to this film with cautious optimism – after all it has Danny McBride, Sleestaks and Jorma Taccone as a particularly dickish version of Chaka – but so far Universal hasn’t been able to wow me with footage or trailers. I like what I saw and heard when I was on the film’s set last summer, so here’s hoping that they just haven’t found the right marketing angle yet.