Maybe it’s just the way I’m feeling today.  It’s raining outside – In L.A. – which means the commute home ain’t going to be fun as the collective I.Q. for motorists in this town goes down like the stock market whenever there’s precipitation.  It’s kind of been a downer day as I’m trying to get over those last three rounds of drinks last night at the CHUD mixer (good to see those of you who came out by the way).  Generally I got the blahs.  But then I get yet another tip from Andrea over at BadTaste (those guys are pimping the hell out of this flick) for a censored quickie clip for The Horsemen

According to BadTaste, the followinjg clip is due to be excised in the Italian theatrical version, presumably due to the gore.  Obviously the Italian film board guys don’t see what I see: a melange of images that – to me at least – seems like something out of a bad Andalusian Dog (don’t ask me why, that’s just the film that comes to mind) remake by the Saw producers.  I laughed like a retard at Disneyland at this and have got to find a way to get this on loop and playing as my screen saver at the very least.  If the rest of the film is anywhere near this, I’m going to be first in line at the theatre.  Because I can always use a good laugh.  Anyway, click the link below to head over to BadTaste for the show.

Andrea, I really owe you one on this.


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