Anchor Bay, no stranger to reissuing classic horror movies time and time again, is at it again. The target this time? Hellraiser fans. Check out what they’ve got in store for you-

That’s right, a Hellraiser box set made up to look like the Lament Configuration. Now, I’m not a big fan of gimmicky packaging but this bad boy would look real nice next to my R2 Phantasm ball.

The one catch? Not only does it contain dvds of the best two films in the series (Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II, natch) but it also contains… Hellraiser? Yes that’s right, it’s got a copy of the20th anniversary special edition dvd of the first film as well as the brand-new Blu-ray version. Someone tell me how this makes sense? Sure, the other Hellraisers took a steep dive in terms of quality but at least we wouldn’t own multiple copies of the same damn movie!

If you aren’t being suckered into getting this admittedly awesome looking box (be strong, gorehounds!) you can pick the Blu-ray version of the first film by itself for around 30 bucks. The Hellraiser Limited Edition Box Set hits April 21, 2009 and retails for $59.97.