I have no real thoughts either way about the notion of GoldenEye and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell being in talks to direct Green Lantern for DC and Warner Brothers, because until this moment I’ve had no idea what sort of movie the studio wants to make. This is a good hint, though; it’s an interesting choice, given the huge amount of CGI you’d expect a Green Lantern movie to require.

I think of Campbell as a practical guy; he certainly sold me on the visceral physical action stuff in his latest Bond film. Previously, I would have expected this to be a different beast altogether. I hear the entire FX industry has to clear a few technological hurdles before those giant green hammers and grasping hands will render realistically.

But this could be really good news. Given the nature of Casino Royale, Campbell seems to push the project towards the post-TDK angle we know DC currently has a hard-on for, and so you’d expect casting to follow suit. This is one case where a ‘realistic’ take might not be a bad idea, if that’s even possible for a character who channels willpower with a glowing green ring.

More interest in the picture, which is still based on the Greg Berlanti with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green script, will pick up when a bunch of actors are attached. So what might this movie actually look like, silly green and yellow FX jokes aside? Place your bets now.