Will Watchmen be a cinematic revolution? I don’t know, but I do know that the marketing surrounding the film really ups the ante. While the marketing for The Dark Knight was notable for its interactive nature, Watchmen‘s viral campaign has been all about doing the one thing Zack Snyder couldn’t do in the movie: fill in all of the gaps in the rich and detailed world he’s creating. In the comic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons used the text pages to give us that depth of reality; in the film Snyder is using YouTube and tie-in DVDs. I think this aspect of the marketing has been nothing short of amazing, and the latest bit – a faux PSA about the Keene Act, which outlawed masked vigilantes in the Watchmen universe – is about as good a piece of work as I have ever seen. Era appropriate, funny without being silly or breaking character, this PSA is truly wonderful.