OK really, who hasn’t dreamed of owning Kate Beckinsale?  And if not Kate Beckinsale then at least a piece of her clothing?  And if not a piece of Kate Beckinsale’s clothing, then better yet Scott Speedman?  And if not Scott Speedman, how about a piece of his clothing?  With bullet holes even?  And if you don’t swing either of those ways, then you’ve absolutely got to get his drug kit.  Well, if you’re going to be in LA this Saturday, or have access to a computer, then you have a chance to own any of these fine items from the Underworld franchise.

Our pal, Erin Broadley of LA Weekly, passed along word that Premiere Props, along with Fangoria and Rue Morgue Magazine is going to be sponsoring an auction of props from the three vampires vs. werewolves flicks.  Among Beckinsale’s signature latex skinsuit and corset are going to be various props such as one of Selene’s throwing stars, Michael Corvin’s jacket, a serum injector and vial of serum, and Andreas Tanis’ (Steven Mackintosh’s) accoutrement.  There’s also a thick-assed book thrown into the mix as well.  The auction will partially benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which sponsors some 300 other charities in LA and the United States.  If none of these trinkets floats your boat, then you can at least catch a Q&A with Rise of the Lycans director and creature designer, Patrick Tatopoulos.

Some of the items are below and you can head over to LA Weekly here for more details and a slideshow of all the junk up for sale.  And make sure you get in on the raffle for the chance to either A) ransack Kate Beckinsale’s knicker drawer or B) slap Len Wiseman for legally being able to ransack Kate Beckinsale.

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