I’m not sure which has been more remarkable: the fact that there has been so little news about Marvel Studios’ upcoming film Thor (planned for 2010) or that so few have been commenting on that fact. We know that Kenneth Branagh is directing, there’s that Mark Protosevich script and…nada. That’s it.

So excuse me for simply quoting wholesale from Newsarama‘s wholesale quoting of a Twitter conversation between Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Joe Quesada and Avengers comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, because by current Thor standards this is a goddamn waterfall of info.

Joe Quesada: Okay, three words describe my day today “Branagh gets it!”

Bendis: @JoeQuesada hey are we allowed to talk about what we did today or is it hush hush?

Quesada: @BRIANMBENDIS We can’t go into detail but I think we can say that we met with Branagh about Thor ;-)

Bendis: @JoeQuesada so we can’t go into detail but maybe we can say that we met with Branagh about Thor ;-)

Quesada: (in response to a fan) I’ll tell you what’s sweet @rdhall Sweet is when he starts quoting continuity and past storylines. The man has immersed himself in Marvel

Quesada: Yes @BRIANMBENDIS we can hint at hour super secret Thor meeting with Branagh, but don’t give it away, just hint

OK, it’s Quesada’s job as Marvel head honcho to to drum up interest and otherwise help promote stuff like Thor. And this doesn’t really tell us anything, but is still terribly promising. OK, not really. If this is the best news we can get about the movie…the question is, were Quesada and Bendis using Twitter as an off-the-cuff device to get a few comments out there, or were they really hoping for this conversation to be quoted as news?

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Thanks to Augusto for the tip.