Ahhh, Dead Space. One of the most satisfying experiences of last year, the horror game has a close place to every genre fan’s still-beating heart. Lots of people found out first-hand how good the game is, too- over one million!

That’s the word that came out during the company’s conference call yesterday, according to ‬EA CFO Eric Brow. Other games that hit the millie milestone include the very fun Mirror’s Edge, the disappointing Need for Speed Undercover, and the modern classic that is The Littlest Pet Shop. Madden also sold a ridiculous amount of copies of course, coming in sixth for the whole year’s sales.

Besides sales figures, CEO John Riccitiello stated that a new version of Dead Space is on the way…. for the Wii. According to MTV he specified that it wouldn’t be a weak port, that “It is absolutely going to be the quality of fear factor of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.”

Sounds good, although I doubt most gamers could go back to the Wii graphics after being hit with such a simultaneously beautiful and disgusting experience. The Wii controls could work well for dismembering your foes, though.

Either way, hopefully all these sales mean that the sequel is not even in question at this point! It is EA, after all, and the creators of the game have already said that they have many more ideas for future titles. Let’s hope they get to realize them.