Today D3Publisher and Aspyr have announced the release date for the PC version of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix- February 24th, the same day as the Nintendo DS edition.

I’m as hugely excited for the sequel to the best puzzle game of the last few years as the rest of you are. Getting my hands on it showed that while the concept was a bit trickier, it looks like developer Infinite Interactive has done it again. Will it be as hopelessly addicting as the original? Only some intense playtime will tell…

If you want to see how the game plays on the hexagonal board, you can try out a free flash demo on the cleverly titled There is a sample battle that shows off the new mechanics of the battles, but doesn’t even hint at the depth of the campaign mode, the 2-4 player online multiplayer, and planned DLC.

There are Xbox Live Arcade and PSN iterations on the way as well, but there are no release dates just yet. If you’ve yet to experience the video game crack that is Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, get on that as soon as you can…. just so you have time to ween yourself off it with the sequel.