You can instantly peg a film geek’s age by asking whether they were old enough to see Hawk the Slayer run ad infinitum on TV many years ago. Before we got respectable high-profile fantasy epics there was Hawk the Slayer, featuring Jack Palance Shatner-ing as the villain and John Terry as the heroic Hawk. The film also had the fastest-firing elf seen in cinema to date and ‘the ancient power of the Sword of Mind’.

And, seen in the cold light of maturity, it was pretty much a piece of shit, though not without the best of intentions. (Some folks agree.)

Now some chump named Dave Davis (I love you, you bastard) at JoBlo promotes word of a sequel, Hawk the Hunter. Directing is original helmer Terry Marcel. Tom Hardy, the gent many folks called the best male actor of this year’s Sundance based on his lead performance in Bronson will topline as the new Hawk. That, word of a $10m budget and a poster is all we’ve got.

And while I’m calling out the original as a lousy film, try to explain why this is the best news I’ve read today.