I had totally forgotten that AMC was making a six-hour miniseries based on the madly influential British TV show The Prisoner. Being reminded of that fact now, so soon after the death of original co-creator and star Patrick McGoohan, I’m surprised that the behind the scenes clips on AMC (via AICN) actually increase my interest in the project.

James Caviezel appears as Number Six, the former British intelligence agent transported to the mysterious Village against his will. Sir Ian McKellan is Number Two, the guy (seemingly) in charge. Keep an eye out on this AMC page for more clips as they’re produced in advance of the show’s debut later this year.

And to allviate any confusion, that’s Jessica Haines midway through the clip, not Spaced‘s Jessica Hynes; Haines actually looks a bit like Hynes, which fooled a couple folks watching over my shoulder the first time I ran this clip. Not that I figured any of you would make the same mistake.

If you’ve never seen the original series don’t be too ashamed, because all seventeen episodes can be streamed for free here.