Ok we’re into it folks, it’s Summer Movie time and so far only one has hit the ball out of the park.


So last week I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and needless to say I was supposed to go to a second viewing but didn’t want to even spend the $5 to go see another matinee. I can’t believe how disappointing that is…to be so hopeful for a movie to see it fall so flat. Now I don’t presume to know what it takes to write a movie script, but come on…Most of the story for these movies is laid out like a roadmap and they still find a way to screw it up. Maybe it’s because I’ve collected comics for a while and have more knowledge of the subject than your random person off the street, but the goal is to please fans and newcomers alike. So many things they got wrong, so few right…. oh well hopefully the other Origin/X-Men movies destined to come will correct the wrongs of it’s forefathers…but I sincerely doubt it.


This week though I went to see Star Trek, and I was thrilled with the movie. I’ve always been a fan of the franchise, growing up I used to watch the original and the Next Generation series with my uncles late at night and it was always entertaining. From beginning to the end this movie exceeded my expectations; with the first thing I noticed was that the movie ran 2hrs long. I thought to myself…”Hey this isn’t your average 90 min flick, maybe they put a lot of work into making it entertaining for the full runtime”. From the previews/trailers the effects looked great, though I also hoped that I didn’t see all the good parts for free already…and I didn’t. If you’re looking to see a good movie…go see it..even if you’re not a trekkie..you should have a fun time.


I’ve watched the trailers for GI Joe and Transformers 2 during the last two shows…and I’ve mixed feeling/expectations. I want GI Joe to be decent..so we get a few movies out of the franchise, but with what I’ve seen I don’t see it getting there. And with Transformers 2..it looks like they’re keeping it on the same track as the first..so there’s hope. For the rest of May, the movies will keep coming.. Angels & Demons / Terminator: Salvation. I’m gonna try and see both, though I know for sure I’ll be viewing Terminator.


If you’d like to share your thoughts/comments on the movies I’ve talked about I can be reached at  canno93@aol.com .

Until next time folks…live long & prosper.