You might have recently become aware that the home video market is completely saturated with awful straight-to-DVD sequels and unrated sex comedies with no sex and no comedy. It has gotten to the point where the list of these films I’ve somehow found myself watching is almost more disconcerting than the growing list of solid horror films that I’ve missed. I still haven’t seen Midnight Meat Train but I can tell you the plot of Belly 2. Why? Because I’ve fucking seen the thing. What was it like, you ask? The experience of watching The Game acting in a Belly sequel is like combining two really painful things– like castration and watching Max Payne.

One film that had about as much exposure as Midnight Meat Train is Toby Wilkins’ creature flick Splinter. In addition to an extremely limited theatrical exhibition, Splinter aired on HDNet a few months ago and I managed to catch it thanks to a heads up from Alex (Read his Splinter review here).

In a recent interview with Fangoria, director Toby Wilkins revealed that he would like to see a sequel to Splinter and utilize several creature designs that didn’t make it into the first film.

“It would be a shame not to explore how this entity could spread and take over a larger-scale environment,” he says of his film’s parasitic critter. “I would like to set a sequel in a small town and maybe have the beast claim more victims. You know, when we were developing the look of the creature, Quantum Creations, which did the design, gave us a dozen sketches of all these different configurations. I had to pick one, and that’s what ended up in the movie—and I was happy with that design—but there were about 11 other amazing ideas presented to me. I would like to see those brought to life, and I would definitely like to expand on that world in a SPLINTER II.”

The up-and-coming director is sure to have a busy start to 2009. Splinter is being released on DVD April 14 but those wishing to see a neutered version can catch the film on Sci Fi channel February 24. Wilkins’ also directed The Grudge 3 for Sony, which will be released on DVD March 24.