A couple of weeks ago, we got word of the first trailer for the upcoming John Cena flick 12 Rounds and did a piece on it here.  Now the newest trailer is out and it’s looking like Cena, the current World Heavyweight Champ on WWE’s Monday Night Raw is possibly carving himself out an action career.  I make no apologies for liking The Marine as dumb, good old-fashioned blow shit up and let God sort ‘em out type of entertainment. 

In fact, when I think about it, I’m sort of surprised that there haven’t been more wrestlers to mix it up on the big screen other than the well-known ones of Dwayne Johnson, Stone Cold, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant and (sigh) Hulk Hogan.  Honestly, what would Roadhouse have been without Mr. Terrence Funk?  Whether you like wrestling or not (I’ve been a fan since ’86), some of these guys are very appealing types and considering their size, you’d think more of them would be naturals for Hollywood.  Is there any wrestling fan who doesn’t think that Jake the Snake couldn’t have lent a nice bit of sliminess to some action flick 20 years ago?  Anyway, when it comes to Cena, he’s one of the more vocal and charismatic types to come down the pike in the last decade or so, and I’m actually looking for good things from him. 

I mentioned before that 12 Rounds has that Die Hard With a Vengeance riff going for it, which is ironic since it was helmed by the Die Hard 2: Die Harder guy (seriously, that’s the best credit they could give to Renny?  He has directed more recent stuff…some of it even watchable).  Anyway, the new trailer is up at WWE.com and ain’t looking too bad.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

12 Rounds Trailer #2

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