I just got an email from Grace producer (and Hatchet director) Adam Green about the latest good news to come for that damned disturbing dead baby movie. Here’s Adam’s update:

Hello from the set of FROZEN.  It’s fucking cold.

Wanted to let you know that this past weekend, GRACE took home the Jury prize in France’s prestigious GERARDMER INTERNATIONAL FANTASY FILM FESTIVAL.  While in the past the festival has been known to give out two Jury prizes, during the ceremony they said that GRACE was so strong that they could only see giving out one this year.  Other films in competition included LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, and THE BURROWERS.  Writer/Director Paul Solet was on hand to accept the prize and is now off to Glascow, Scotland for UK FRIGHTFEST’s Winter event…

Stay tuned for more GRACE screenings worldwide, including a few more American dates that will be happening before the film’s official release later this year.

One of those dates is going to be South by Southwest, so if you’re in Texas or planning on going to the festival this year, be sure to stop by and see the film. In the meantime, here’s my rave review and my open letter to Anchor Bay, all but begging them to give this great horror movie the theatrical release it deserves.