This past Sunday I did an upgrade on my cellular phone. Since 2007 I’d had a Motorola Razr. I liked it a lot. My two previous phones were Razrs, and they worked beautifully as well.

This time I had 2 stipulations. 1. Not a flip phone, and 2. It needed to be touchscreen. I researched it a lot, and I fell on a Samsung Eternity as the new phone that I wanted. I always take my time to research a new phone, because I’m not about to go and blindly pick something that just might end up crap.

Thus far my new Eternity has been working really great. I got a deal on it too. I got another Eternity for my girlfriend for $50 and after the rebate it’s free! It does have some drawbacks, namely that it doesn’t have speed dial, but from what I understand, Samsungs looking to add that for the software update that should be forthcoming.

I haven’t lost signal once on it, and this is a frustrating thing as at work I tended to lose signal on my Razr. Texting is also MUCH easier. The Eternity is essentially a cheaper alternative to the iPhone. I went with it, because I surely can’t justify the $30 extra for the internet, when I can pay that same amount and have unlimited data and texting. I also love the standard phone layout of 3 letter for every number for one handed texting. If I want a full keyboard, I’ll just turn it sideways. That standard layout is one thing I’m amazed that the iPhone doesn’t have. I’m glad I picked a good phone the first time I decided to go outside of a Motorola. Especially since the last time, before I was sent the Razr as a compensation for the shitty phone I had before that: a Samsung. Glad they worked the kinks out this time around.

Rene’s song of the day: “Telephone Line” by ELO.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!